Transparency Act

The Transparency Act shall promote enterprises’ respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions as well as securing the general public’s access to information. The act imposes an information obligation and a duty to carry out due care assessments.

Rem Offshore’s efforts in complying with the act is carried out in accordance with OECD’s due diligence guidance for responsible business conduct. We are mapping our supplier chains concerning the risk areas comprised by the Transparency Act and we are contacting suppliers with elevated risk to provide us with additional information. Should you have any enquiries related to our Human Rights Performance, please contact us on . If you use this channel, please include in the subject “Åpenhetsloven” or “Transparency Act”  and we will respond within 3 weeks of receiving the inquiry.

 Our report on Human Rights and Transparency Act is linked below (Norwegian only)

Rapport Åpenhetsloven..pdf