OBN´s function like microphones, the data collected from them is incredible, it´s almost like putting a stethoscope on the seabed and listen to what is below. For the personnel who analyses seismic data, OBN data is some of the best available.
With access to this high-quality data, oil and gas companies can make well informed decisions on how to develop fields, where to drill and how much is remaining in the reservoirs that we conduct surveys on. To our customers, this data is invaluable.
As indicated, we are working with one of the leaders in the seismic industry, providing high quality data to end customers such as BP, BHP, Shell and currently Exxon Mobile in their exciting new prospects in Guyana.

The Rem Saltire is spacious and stable with its 111m length and 24m beam, comfortable with 105 beds, 70m3 gymnasium and a 54person cinema, well equipped for OBN Surveys with top-of-the-line
Kongsberg DP & APOS System plus a brand new ENTEC LARS system for ROV´s. This together with our excellent crew delivering high quality services is the reason why we have been Magseis Fairfield’s preferred work platform for several years and we hope to continue into the future.

Nodes ready to be deployed.jpg
Nodes ready to be deployed
Night-time heli-ops Saltire.jpg
Nighttime heli-ops Rem Saltire