She is looking sharp, and externally she is more or less finished. Internally she is painted and insulated, floating floors and wet units are in place, and 80% of cabling and HVAC is already installed.

The remaining work to be done in Søvika is mainly; installation of tunnel thrusters and main propulsion, fitting of wall panels, ceiling and interiors, installation of mission equipment such as Walk to Work Gangway from Uptime, 7-ton 3d Crane from Seaonics and a D18 helideck.

There are some delays in the WTW-gangway, Crane and main propulsion deliveries, but for now the yard has managed to accommodate these delays in their schedule and are aiming for an early May delivery according to schedule. 

These newbuilds sports a lot of new technology that we are eager to see in practice. The Kongsberg rim-driven PM thruster package will give us best-in-class DP performance, and the responsive thruster and thruster drives will even have a roll-reduction function that can be used in rough seas. Further on, the fully electric 3d crane from Seaonics and the new 30m Uptime gangway, both operated from our bridge wing, will give us increased walk-to-work operability and safe and effective cargo handling in the windfarms

MicrosoftTeams-image _8_.png
Picture showing the installation of cables and equipment on the bridge of Rem Power